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Welcome to the CSLAGenWiki.

This wiki was originally created at by Chris Denslow. Unfortunatly the original wiki is no longer being maintained by Chris and has been getting hit with alot of wiki spam.

Due to this and my wanting to help contribute to the project I started this new wiki. Please be patient with me as I work to get the original wiki moved over here and try to get it updated. Once I complete that I will start to work on getting more information added to reflect the recent changes made by Andrés Villanueva (Coodos on the excelent work!)

Any additional help would be greatly appreciated. To participate you will need to register in accordance with rules. 


The aim of this wiki is to cover the various features of the CSLA Gen Application. This application allows the user to build a project file that defines the "features" that you wish each of your CSLA business objects to contain as Beta data and then save this infor to an XML project file.

The project file is then read and CSLA Gen runs a set of CodeSmith templates that generate the appropriate object classes for you. 

At the moment the output from the application is best generated in VB .NET though there is going to be some work done shortly to integrate an improved set of C# templates.

This is an exceedingly useful tool as it allows you to generate a set of CSLA objects from an object model very quickly. CSLA Gen output uses Partial Classes and therefore you can regenerate your code and not worry about losing any bespoke changes you may have made (more on this later).

Note that this product is open source and has been written in the personal time of the five guys. As such it may not have all the bells and whistles expected or be quite as polished as it could be.

It is still an incredible achievement and every courtesy should be extended to the guys if you find anything wrong with the product and need to contact them. It's a work in progress and will most likely continue to be that for some time.

Before Working with CSLA Gen

It is strongly suggested that you should have a working knowledge of CSLA .NET before you begin generating classes with CSLA Gen. You can obtain the most recent version from Rocky's website here.

Getting started

For a tutorial in using CSLAGen please visit How to Use CslaGen to Generate CSLA Data Access Layer Code.

You can also view this tutorial from the original wiki site here at How to use CslaGen to generate CSLA data access layer code.

Working with CSLA Gen

Section One - Overview

Section Two - Property Reference

Section Three - Building Objects

Section Four - Plugins

Section Five - Templates


A BIG Thank You to the team who wrote CSLA Gen and the code templates that are used by it:-)

About the Author(s)

A little about the guys who have made this online reference possible.

Tutorial & Demo Projects

Here you can find user contributed code that illustrate how to use CslaGen.

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